General Class Policies

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For some assignments, your grade will be a ✓+, ✓, or ✓-. You will get full credit for the assignment. This just lets you know how you are doing overall. A ✓+ means you are doing very well, a ✓ means you are doing average, and a ✓- means you are doing below average and need to get extra help. 


If you earned below a "B" on a major assignment, you may rewrite it. I will grade your rewrite and then average the two scores. So, if you earn a 75% on the first essay and then a 90% on the second, your final grade would be 82.5%.  In order to do a rewrite you must:
1. Come to my office hours or arrange an appointment with me.
2. Read my comments on your assignment before you come to your appointment.
3. Rewrite must be turned in within a week of meeting with me.
4. The document should be turned in on compass. Please name the file netIDParagraphRewrite for the paragraph portfolio. Please name the file netIDDiagnosticRevision for the Diagnostic Division.
5. Turn in a short paragraph writing what you learned from the rewrite (maximum 200 words). Save the file as netIDDiagnosticReflectionRewrite for Diagnostic Revision and netIDParagraphReflectionRewrite for Paragraph Portfolio. Do not e-mail me the file, put the file in this dropbox folder. This paragraph is not graded for grammar, but thinking. I will not grade your rewrite until you have written it. 


1. 2 lates equals one 1 absence. 
2. Each absence drops your class attendance grade 10%.
3. If you are absent 5 times, you automatically fail the class.
4. Frequently using your cell phone or sleeping in class may lead to you being considered absent. If my class is boring to you, let me know. I will try to fix it :)

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