Thursday, February 20, 2014

Day 11- Review of Cause & Effect, Paraphrasing, Formatting an Essay

Class Today:
1. Review Cause and Effect
  •  Remember cause and effect? Write your own cause and effect sentence here on primary wall. you may talk to your neighbor
  •   Here is an example: "I was walking on the ice, so I slipped and fell."  The cause is in red and the effect is in blue.
  • Get out your outline and critique each other.
2. Review Paraphrasing
  • Briefly watch the end of this prezi, here
  • Now watch this prezi, here
  • Let's paraphrase this paragraph.
3. How to format and submit any written assignment.
  • Open up this document and discuss the formatting it has. 
1. Writer's Help: Prepositions using time or place.
2. Turn in your cause->effect paragraph in this dropbox folder, here. Please name it netidCauseEffect.doc or .rtf. If you do not format it as .doc or .rtf, you will receive a zero. This paragraph is due Monday, February 25th and is a draft.

Next Class:
Quoting and APA in text citation

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