Thursday, March 6, 2014

Day 17- Introductions

Class Today:
1. Review thesis statements.
  • Put the thesis statement you wrote for your homework on primary wall, here.
  • Second, with your row decide whether or not these thesis statements are good or bad
2. Introductions
  • First, let's watch this youtube video.
    • Why is this youtube video interesting to watch? How did it capture your interest? In groups of 5, brainstorm 2 reasons and write them on the white board. You have two minutes!
  • Now, let's look at this powerpoint together.
  • Finally, do a handout I will give you, together in groups. 

1. Revise or write a hook for an introduction paragraph from the diagnostic essay I will return to you.
2. Writer's Help Exercise: Introductions

Next Class:
Review introductions, begin conclusions and outlines

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