Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Day 30- Introduction to Oral Presentation: Structure and Organization

Monday, April 14th and Wednesday, April 16th we have no class. We do have class on Friday, April 18th.

Class Today: Oral Presentation
1. Warm Up:
  • What are your experiences with presenting in front of other people?
  • How might analyzing a TV ad be similar to / different from analyzing a written article?
  • What kinds of things did you need to include in your RA essay?
  • What kinds of things do you think you should include if you analyze a commercial?
Share your answers in this google doc.

2. How to analyze a commercial.
3. An example of an analysis.
4. Outline with guidelines

Next Class: How to Analyze an Ad

1. A second draft of the Rhetorical Analysis essay is due April 20th at Noon. Please turn in the draft to compass. 
2. The final draft of the Rhetorical Analysis essay is due April 27th at Noon.  Please turn in the final version into compass. 
3. Choose a commercial for your Rhetorical Analysis Presentation. Put the commercial in this spreadsheet doc.
4. Writer's Help: Shifts in Passive/Active Voice

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