Thursday, February 27, 2014

Day 14- APA Reference List

Class Today:
1. How to turn in a document into compass.
2. APA Reference List
  • What is an APA Reference List? Why do we have it? Put your answers on Primary Wall
  •  View the APA Reference List Cheat Sheet
    • What important information is included for each kind of source?
    • Using the cheat sheet, make references for these four kind of sources. Write your answers on the whiteboard.
    • Bibme!
3. Review Compare/Contrast and Cause->Effect Paragraphs
  • General
    • Avoid starting a sentence with "I" or "But."
    • Proofread verb tense, articles, and prepositions. 
    • Check punctuation.
  • Common mistakes in Compare/Contrast
    • I know you were shown to write a sentence with "because" in the signal words handout, but please do not do this.
    • Avoid stereotyping. If you are talking about an entire country, hedge what you are saying with "In general" or "usually."
  • Common mistakes in Cause/Effect
    • Not enough cause and effect. 
    • Not enough signal words.
  • Format is important!
    • Look at the format I showed you in a previous lesson. If you do not follow these guidelines, I will take off points. Remember page numbers and indenting paragraphs. 
  •  Need extra help?
    • I will look at a second draft of your paragraph over e-mail one time.  I will also look at it a second time in person during my office hours 9:00-9:50 AM on Monday. You may also send me any questions you have over e-mail and I should be able to get in contact with you.

1. A paragraph portfolio will be due Monday, March 3rd by midnight. This will include final drafts of your compare-contrast and cause->effect paragraphs. The portfolio is worth 20% of your grade. Use the rubric and prompt to guide you.
2. No Writer's Help! Yay!

Extra Note: If you need any help with your paragraphs e-mail me.

Next Class: From Paragraph to Essay

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