Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Day 4- PIE-C Paragraph Structure Continued

Class Today:
1. Warm up: What does PIE stand for? You can look at your notes...
2. PIE-C, a CLOSER look
3. Do Missing Elements worksheet as a class.
4. Do Paragraph Development worksheet in groups.

1. Writer's Help- Transitions. You should have completed this exercise by Friday before class. You must complete the exercise in order for me to know you have signed up for Writer's Help.

2. Write a short reflection on your writing experiences-positive and negative. Should be 300-500 words. This paragraph will not be graded for grammar, but content. It is due on Sunday, February 8th at 11:00 AM. Please put in this dropbox folder here.  Please name the file netIDReflection1. For example, kbecker4Reflection1.doc. Please save the document as a .doc or .rtf. Here is an explanation of the assignment.

3. Write a sample paragraph applying PIE-C. The topic should be on why University of Illinois is a good university. This paragraph is part of your homework grade and is due Friday before class. Please put it in our dropbox folder, here. Please save the document as NetIDPIE.doc or NETIDPIE.rtf. For example, kbecker4PIE.doc.

Next Class: Review PIE/Cohesive Devices

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