Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Day 5- Active Reading

Class Today:
1. Review PIE-C, with a focus on C.
2. Active Reading
1. Writer's Help- Topic Sentences. This exercise should be done by Monday, before class. Please work on the exercise until you can earn a 100%.

2. Reflection Paragraph. Write a short reflection on your writing experiences-positive and negative. Should be 300-500 words. This paragraph will not be graded for grammar, but content. It is due on Sunday, February 9th at 11:00 AM. Please put in this dropbox folder here.  Please name the file netIDReflection1. For example, kbecker4Reflection1.doc. Please save the document as a .doc or .rtf. Here is an explanation of the assignment. Do not spend more than an hour on writing this assignment.

3. Read the article "High School vs. College: Similarities, Differences" Print out the article and annotate it. Use the handout I gave you in class as a guide. Showing your annotation to me in class on Monday is for a grade.

4. Reread the Annotated reading in Writer's Help. This should help you in writing your own annotation on the other reading.

Next Class: Compare/Contrast writing structure

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