Saturday, February 8, 2014

Day 6- Compare/Contrast

Class Today:
1. Explanation of the ✓ system.  
For some assignments, your grade will be a ✓+, ✓, or ✓-. You will get full credit for the assignment. This just lets you know how you are doing overall. A ✓+ means you are doing very well, a ✓ means you are doing average, and a ✓- means you are doing below average and maybe need to get extra help. 

2. PIE-C Structure
Remember to put an explanation after every illustration!

3. "High School vs College Differences Similarities"
  • Free write for 5 minutes about the differences/similarities between US High Schools and Colleges. Put your answers in google docs, here.
  • Get out your annotations, either from online or written. Compare your questions/thoughts with your neighbor. Among your group, were any comments similar?  What were they? Did any members of your group question the same thing?  Can you determine an answer?Were there any vocabulary words or phrases you had difficulty with?  What were they?  As a group, can you figure out the meaning?
  • Make a chart comparing/contrasting US Colleges and US High Schools together. 
1. If you got a ✓ or a ✓- on your PIE-C paragraph, please turn a rewrite following my suggestions into this folder. Name the file NETIDPIECRewrite.doc  For example, kbecker4PIECRewrite.doc. This is due Wednesday, before class. Yes, it is part of your grade. If you got a ✓+ you do not need to do a rewrite. If you did not do the first assignment, you cannot do the rewrite.

2. Read the Compare/Contrast paragraph prompt, here. A draft of this paragraph will be on Monday, February 17th before class.  A draft means it will be part of your homework grade. A rewrite will be part of a major grade for your paragraph portfolio. 

3. Read this Compare/Contrast signal words handout. Do not worry about completely understanding it. You just need to get the general idea. We will use this handout next class. You do not have to answer Part II. 

Next Class: Continue with Compare and Contrast

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