Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Day 7- Compare & Contrast

Class Today:
1. Warm Up
  • In groups, using the signals handout you read last class, write two sentences about the article we read using compare/contrast words. Share your sentences in google docs, here
2. Review Signals Handout
3. Block vs. Point Organization
  • How do Block and Point Organization Work? Let's look at this worksheet...
  • We will get back to our article in a moment. We are eventually going to make a paragraph summarizing the original article, but first we need to learn how to outline other paragraphs. 
  • This article is for point organization.
  • This article is for block organization.
4.  Summarize the Article
  • Look at what was in the article and apply it to the outline handout I gave you.
1. Organize your compare/contrast paragraph on the outline in either block or point organization. Please print it out and bring it to class on Friday. Remember this should be your OWN ideas, not just from the article. Use the block/point organization handout I gave you in class to help you. 

2. A draft of your compare/contrast paragraph will be on Monday, February 17th before class.  A draft means it will be part of your homework grade. A rewrite will be part of a major grade for your paragraph portfolio. Please name the file NETIDCompareContrast.doc or NETIDCompareContrast.rtf . For example, kbecker4CompareContrast.doc. Please put the file in this folder, here.

Next Class: Review Compare and Contrast, Paraphrasing

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