Thursday, February 13, 2014

Day 8- Paraphrasing

Class Today: 
1. Quick review of compare/contrast paragraphs
2. Paraphrasing
  • First, write on the board one way to avoid getting in trouble for plagiarism.
  • We avoid plagiarism by: quoting, summarizing, and paraphrasing
  • Let's watch this prezi, here
  • Paraphrase this paragraph in groups. Share your answer in google docs, here
1. Paraphrase this paragraph, print out the results and bring it on Monday, February 17th before class. 

2. A draft of your compare/contrast paragraph will be due on Monday, February 17th before class.  A draft means it will be part of your homework grade. A rewrite will be part of a major grade for your paragraph portfolio. Please name the file NETIDCompareContrast.doc or NETIDCompareContrast.rtf. For example, kbecker4CompareContrast.doc. Please put the file in this folder, here. Remember the general format rules: Times New Roman, Font size 12, double-spaced, etc. 

3. Writer's Help exercise: Do Sentence Structure for Monday February 17th

Next Class: Review Paraphrasing, Cause->Effect Paragraphs

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