Sunday, February 16, 2014

Day 9- Cause & Effect

Class Today:
1. Announcements:
  • There was some confusion on turning in Compare/Contrast paragraph, so I am extending the deadline. Please turn in the paragraph by midnight, February 17th. 
  • Save the file as .doc or .rtf.  If you save it as another type of file, I cannot read it. Your submission could get a zero or be counted late!
  • Use this prompt to help you. 
2. Review Paraphrasing. Bring your paraphrased paragraphs to class and critique them together.
3. Cause and Effect Paragraph
  • First, watch this youtube video. In each case, why did Wile E. Coyote fail? Write some sentences together using the structure words handout. We will use every structure. 
  • Second, watch this youtube video, and fill out this handout in groups. Remember, some causes are not direct, but contributing factors. Let's find them! 
  • Third, fill out this star chart according to the cartoon youtube video we watched previously. I will give you a copy of the star chart. We will write a paragraph together! 
1. Paraphrase these paragraphs, print out the answers, and bring them to class on Wednesday.
2. Read and annotate this article, "How Stressed Parents Scar their Kids." Please print out your annotation and bring it to class.
3. Using the second copy of the star chart, make a chart on cause-effect of not having a snow day last week. You will turn this in on Wednesday, before class. This will be the beginning of your draft for a cause/effect paragraph.

Next Class: Continue Cause/Effect

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