Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Day 19- Conclusion and Introductions

Class Today:
1. Conclusions and Introductions- Share on primary wall what is necessary for a good introduction and conclusion. You can refer to powerpoints or your classmates. You have 5 minutes.
2. Outlines

  • Check out this outlining powerpoint.
  • Revise the outline handout I will give you. What is wrong with each outline?
  • Look at the outlining answers, here
  • (If time) Free-write why an outline would be important in your writing.

1. Write an outline for your diagnostic essay and turn it in by Thursday at Noon in this dropbox folder. Use this template to help you. Be sure to put your name in the document and save the file as netidOutline.doc or netidOutline.rtf.
2. Your diagnostic revision is due Wednesday, March 19th at NOON (not midnight) on Compass. I changed the date!

Next Class:
Review Outlines, Introduction to Rhetorical Analysis

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