Thursday, March 13, 2014

Day 20- Understanding Rhetorical Situations

Class Today:
1. Rhetorical devices- Understanding Rhetorical Situations
Rhetorical Thinking important for your writing/reading/listening/critical thinking in English and your native language. This is one of the most important skills I learned in undergraduate school! 
For this unit we will prepare a 3-4 page essay analyzing rhetorical situations. This will help prepare you for ESL 112.

  • Warm up: First, lets look at these three different forms of communication by me. Onetwothree

    • How are these different?
  • List as many forms of communication you can. List in groups on the board.
    • The type of communication we do in class depends on the rhetorical situation
  • Let's look at this powerpoint
  • Now, get into groups and pick three kinds of rhetorical situations you wrote on the board and analyze them with this worksheet.
1. Your diagnostic revision is due Friday, March 21st at NOON (not midnight) on Compass. I changed the date, again. If you earned a ✓- on any assignment, PLEASE come to my office hours. This could be the difference between earning a C or a B. 
2. Annotate the article we read in class. Please PRINT OUT your annotation and bring it to class for credit. 

Next Class: Identifying Persuasive Strategies

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