Sunday, March 16, 2014

Day 21- Persuasive Strategies

Class Today:
1. Review Rhetorical Situations

  • On Primary Wall, talk about the context, audience, and purpose of the article you were assigned Friday

  • 2. Persuasive Strategies
    • What is the article you were assigned trying to persuade you to believe? How do you know?
      • Next,  let's watch these commercials:
      • These commercials represent different kinds of persuasive appeals (strategies).  Brainstorm with your group how each commercial tries to persuade you.
      • Hint: the three categories of persuasive strategies are emotional, logical, and credibility.
    • Next, let's look at this handout explaining the persuasive strategies.
    • Finally, in groups of four, find the persuasive strategies in this handout. We will discuss the answers afterwards. Key Here.
    1.  Finish your Diagnostic Revision by Friday, March 21 at Noon. I will read a draft during my office hours or ONE time over e-mail. If I suggested you come to my office hours, please seriously consider coming. 

    2.  Find the three persuasive strategies in the article you read on Friday. Write a short paragraph explaining each strategy. Print out your answers and bring them to class on Wednesday. 

    3. Find the persuasive strategies in this handout

    Next Class: Review Persuasive Strategies, Logical Fallacies

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