Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Day 22- Logical Fallacies

Class Today:
1. Review Identifying Persuasive Strategies
  • Answers to your homework, here
  • In groups, using all three persuasive strategies, write a paragraph on the board persuading me not to give you homework for Friday. 
2. Logical Fallacies
  • First, in the same groups consider what is wrong with the strips of paper I will give you.
  • Next, fill out this handout while I show you this powerpoint.
  • Finally, find the fallacies in this editorial. Here are the answers.

1. Finish your diagnostic revision essay and turn it in on Friday by NOON to Compass2g. I will go over the process with you on Friday.

2. Find the fallacies in this handout. Do not worry about finding all of them, so just look for what you think is fallacious. Please print them out and bring them to class on Friday.

Next Class: Evaluating Persuasive Strategies

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