Thursday, March 20, 2014

Day 23- Evaluating Persuasive Strategies

Class Today:
1. Review Logical Fallacies
  • Name one logical fallacy you found in the assigned reading, post it on Primary Wall.
2.  Evaluating Persuasive Strategies
Today we will evaluate how persuasive strategies are done in a text. This will get you ready for your next major assignment.
  • First, share the main ideas you got from the article you had to read a few classes ago. 
  • Let's discuss these reporting verbs from this handout. I will give you a copy in class.
  • Using these reporting verbs, write answers to the guiding questions in this handout
  • Re-read this article and read this article. Fill out another rhetorical chart based on the second article. Remember to use reporting verbs. 
  • Final Drafts of your diagnostic revision are due on Compass 2g today by NOON. 
  • Have a wonderful Spring Break!!!
Next Class: Writing Rhetorical Analysis

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