Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Day 24- Thesis and Outline for Rhetorical Analysis

Class Today:
1. Review Rhetorical Evaluation
  • What guiding questions were the most difficult? Why?
  • What guiding questions were the easiest? Why?
  • How did you use the reporting verbs to help you write answers?
  • Share your answers on primary wall, here
  • You will pick one of the two essays and use the answers to guiding questions to guide (HAHA) to help you write your Rhetorical Analysis.
2. Writing a thesis and outline for rhetorical analysis.
  • Thesis Statements:
    • First, what do you remember about thesis statements? In groups of 5, write on the board what you think is important in a thesis statement. (5 minutes) You may use the course website to help you find answers.
      • Notice, 3 reasons is not absolutely important for this kind of essay.
    • Next, in the same groups, find answers to this worksheet
      • Part I- what is important in a thesis statement? Answer the questions with your group. (3-5 minutes)
      • Part II- How would you structure a thesis statement with this kind of writing prompt? Answer the first two questions with your group. (5 minutes)
      • Now, alone, write a potential thesis statement. (5 minutes). Put your ideas on primary wall, here
  • Outlines
    • We will reverse-outline an essay, so you can see how outlining is structured. 
    • Look at this sample student essay. Find the main points (P) by looking only at the body paragraphs.
    • Next, find the illustrations and explanations. Remember this is not a perfect essay. 
  • Overall guidelines to write a thesis statement and outlines are here

1. Writer's Help- Past and Present Participles, due Wednesday before class. Remember to do all of the Writer's Help exercises.

2. Write a thesis for how you would do a Rhetorical Analysis for either article. Put it in this dropbox folder. Please name the file netidRAThesis.doc or .rtf. Remember to put your name inside the document. This is due Tuesday by Midnight. 

3. Write an outline for your rhetorical analysis. Your outline should have a thesis statement, three body paragraphs, and restatement of the thesis. Please turn it into this folder. Please name the netidRAOutline.doc or .rtf. Remember to put your name inside the document. This is due Thursday by Noon.  This is so I have time to grade it and give you feedback. Use the guidelines we discussed in class to help you!

4. The first draft of your Rhetorical Analysis essay is due Saturday on compass at NOON. Your draft should have 5 paragraphs- an introduction, 3 body paragraphs, and a conclusion.

5. If you want to rewrite your Diagnostic Revision or Paragraph Portfolio, please look at the steps on the course website, here.
The deadline for rewriting the paragraph portfolio is April 13th, 2014 at NOON. 
The deadline for rewriting the diagnostic revision is April 20th, 2014 at NOON. 

6. Friday we will visit the library. Be sure to meet me at the entrance of Undergrad Library

Next Class: Review Rhetorical Evaluation, Writing an introduction and conclusion in Rhetorical Analysis

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