Thursday, April 24, 2014

Day 33- Delivery

Class Today: Delivery

  • Warm up- Let's watch this youtube video.
    • In groups, tell me what makes a presentation interesting and what makes a presentation boring. Why? Write your reasons on the board

  • Next, which of these youtube videos has the worst presentation?

  • Finally, in groups practice introducing yourself. Say...
    • Your name
    • Major
    • Reason for studying that major
    • What you rather be doing instead of ESL 111 (not sleeping)
      • Critique each other with these questions:
        1. Did the presenter seem confident?
        2. Did the presenter speak loudly enough?
        3. Could you understand the presenter?
        4. Did the presenter show good body language?

Next Class: Presentation Workshop

1. Your final version of your Rhetorical Analysis is due on Compass2g April 30th at Noon. I changed the date!

2. An outline of your commercial is due April 25th at Noon. I changed the date-sorry!! I know it's earlier. Please save the outline as netidCommercialOutline.doc in this folder on dropbox. You can use this outline template to guide you.

3. A visual aid for your presentation is due April 26th at NOON. Upload the powerpoint or prezi you plan to use in this folder on dropbox.

4. If you have not finished one of the Writer's Help exercises, finish them by MONDAY. That is your last chance to finish. Remember they are 5% of your grade!

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