Sunday, April 27, 2014

Day 34- Visual Aids Continued

Class Today: Visual Aid Workshop

I changed the topic for class today. Many of you seem to have difficulty with visual aids, so let's discuss how to make a good powerpoint or prezi.

Here are a few examples of good powerpoints:
1. One- Shift Happens
2. Two- Smoke: The Convenient Truth
3. Three- Thirst

Now, use this handout to critique your powerpoint. What is missing? What is good?
Next, have someone else look at your powerpoint using a second sheet.

Next Class: Presentation Workshop Day

1. Pick which day you would like to present your commercial. Only 5 people can present each day! Use this google doc spreadsheet.
2. Be prepared to practice your presentation on Wednesday.
3. Your final draft of the Rhetorical Analysis is due on Wednesday at NOON. 

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