Friday, April 4, 2014

Day 26- Library Day

Class Today:
Meet me in front of the undergrad library!

1. A draft of your introduction and conclusion are due Friday, April 4 at NOON. 
Please put it in this dropbox folder. Name the file NetIdIntroConclusion.doc or .rtf.

2.The first draft of your Rhetorical Analysis essay is due Sunday, April 13th on compass at NOON.  I changed the date. Your draft should have 5 paragraphs- an introduction, 3 body paragraphs, and a conclusion.

3. If you want to rewrite your Diagnostic Revision or Paragraph Portfolio, please look at the steps on the course website, here.
The deadline for rewriting the paragraph portfolio is April 13th, 2014 at NOON. 
The deadline for rewriting the diagnostic revision is April 20th, 2014 at NOON. 

Next Class: Prepare for peer-perception

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